The Comprehensive Instructional Sequence Model or CISM is an analytical reading across the keep-calm-and-love-reading-64curriculum program implemented in Muscogee County School District 3 years ago.  In an effort to help teachers implement this model we have developed CISM’s that are connected to the standards, supplements our educational and entertainment programming, but also includes elements of  Science Technology Engineering ARTS and Math (S.T.E.A.M) education. At the request of teachers we will add and archive all of the C.I.S.M. plans in this library.


CISM Template for Teachers


For the 2018-19 School Year!

From Ballerina to CEO – (7-12th)  Dance, Physical Education, Marketing, Business

Drama Classes May Boost Social Skills in Kids with Autism- (7-12) Theatre, Science, Psychology

Is Shakespeare still relevant- (7-12) English, History, Theatre

Is Graffiti Art? ( 9-12_ English, Social Science, Art, Theatre 



  1. The Rise of Superhero TherapyCISM
  2. SuperheroCISM Lesson( 6-8)
  3. Is Ballet DyingCISM (9th-12th)
  4. Jykell CISM                (9th-12th)
  5. Is Ballet DyingCISM (9th-12th)
  6. Great GatsbyCISM    (9th-12th)
  7. CISM Paul Taylor(1) (9th-12th)
  8. CamelotUSCISM       (9th-12th)
  9. Ballet CISM                (6th-9th)


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